Potato, Red Onion, and Goat Cheese Pizza

Potato, Red Onion, and Goat Cheese Pizza

I like to try to cook vegetarian a couple times a week and I made this pizza the other day. It’s a great twist on the normal pizza and was super delicious!

First, assemble your ingredients:
8 ounces of small potatoes
3 teaspoon olive oil
1 medium red onion
1 (13.8-ounce) can refrigerated pizza crust dough
2 tablespoons cornmeal
1 cup (4 ounces) shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
3/4 cup crumbled goat cheese
2 teaspoons of minced garlic
2 sprigs of fresh thyme leaves

I chose to buy the indigo blue potatoes in a steamer bag. I think the added a nice color to the pizza and they were super easy to cook.

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees and start cooking your potatoes. If you purchased potatoes in a steamer bag, follow the package directions for cooking in the microwave. If you have just regular potatoes, boil potatoes in a saucepan for about 10 minutes, just until cooked but not mushy.
While potatoes are cooking, cut your onion into 1/4 inch strips. Also strip your thyme sprigs of all their leaves.
Also while waiting on potatoes, mix the olive oil and garlic in a bowl.
Heat a skillet on the stove with a little olive oil and saute your onion strips just till they are a little soft.
Potatoes should be cooked by now, so let them cool slightly so you can slice them into 1/4-inch slices.

Spread cornmeal on your baking sheet and roll out your canned pizza dough onto the sheet. (Depending on how cold you dough is, you might need to roll it out on the countertop to make it roll out to a nice sized pizza. Cold canned dough is easier to work with.)
Cover the pizza dough in the olive oil and garlic mixture. (Pretend it’s your sauce.)
Sprinkle mozzarella over dough and arrange potatoes and onion over mozzarella.
Top evenly with goat cheese and thyme. Bake in lower third of oven at 450° for 20 minutes or until browned. (Just a tip if you like crusty pizza, check pizza after 10 minutes and see if you can slide it off the pan to cook directly on the rack. I really crisps up the center.)
When browned, pull out of the oven and slice it up! Serve with some other finger foods…get creative! I chose to serve it with some fresh green beans and orange slices.
It makes for less dishes and it’s just an easy and fun pizza night.

The Skinny: Serves 6 @ 309 calories