Things to Love About Fall

Things to Love About Fall

For years I’ve said summer is my favorite season. I mean who doesn’t love the warmer weather, the cute, bright clothes, lake days and fruity cocktails?
However with every year that goes by I find my Summer allegiance fading and growing stronger with the beautiful season of Fall. The return of Fall each year brings with it stirrings of fond memories, beautiful sights, sounds and smells, and the repeat of traditional Autumn activities. Nathan doesn’t get as excited about Fall as I do because he says it means Winter is coming. But I say if we focus on that we will miss all the beauty of the season; and there is a lot of it!
So here is a list of my favorite things about the Fall season. I hope going through gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling I love when Autumn comes around each year.
First and foremost, the changing trees. The combination of their stunning colors and the crisp Fall air is breathtaking.

I always look forward to apple-picking…

…and a visit to the pumpkin patch.

Outside of things in nature we have to remember
the return of Football!

One of my personal favorites, the return of Fall colors

and clothes for the chillier days and nights. Bundle up!

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Aside from layering up on a cool day,
I also like to indulge in one of the many Fall comfort foods/drinks.

Don’t some of your favorite Fall memories involve Halloween?

Speaking of Holidays, I love the
warmth and happiness of Thanksgiving.

And I can’t forget all the Fall beauty
we bring into our home decor

What a list! And I know I didn’t even begin to cover everything.
Did I miss one of your favorite parts of fall? Let me know in the comments below.

*Autumn Blessings*