Random Thoughts: 25 Things

Random Thoughts: 25 Things


Inspired by my friend Greta’s blog post, 25 Things, I too decided to write a random list of 25 things that are swimming around my head. She is always so creative with her posts! I hope you enjoy the randomness and please don’t think I am too strange. I am hoping it turns out to be amazing therapy to get some if these thoughts out of my head.
1. I am tired…

2. Amazed my son is still sleeping at 7:00am…that’s 12 hours people.

3. I love coffee, I probably won’t be tired after I have this coffee.
4. I love that my dog is vocal, she just barked at me to let her back inside. I miss she doesn’t sing as much as she use to.

5. I love snow. It finally snowed here, only the 3rd time this winter. I miss it. If I didn’t like snow I would still be living in Dallas.

6. I need to be working right now. I have a big project I have been working for the last week and I should be doing it now.

7. I miss food…..Um, I mean high calorie food. Counting calories isn’t all the fun people say it is.

8. I need to clean off my desk, I can’t see the top of it thanks to #6.

9. I really love coffee. I started grinding my own beans in the morning, but my grinder makes a terrible mess and my husband refuses to clean the counter anymore as he is not a coffee drinker.

10. I love that I have a husband that helps me clean.

11. I spent most of my day singing songs from shows my son watches like, “It’s a super story answer, with Super Why!” or “Baby, baby, baby signing time.” It’s annoying.

12. I am sore, thanks to Total Insanity. Good news is I saw a hint of a line on my abs yesterday.

13. The little man is still sleeping, I blame teething. Oh, and that he got up at 4am and drank a whole sippy cup of milk.

14. I don’t like it that my husband works random shifts all the time. I would rather have him do a normal shift every day.
15. I shouldn’t complain about my husband’s job, it’s a good place to work. They can’t help it they have to stay open 24/7/365….people get sick.

16. I fear going to my husband’s work, not in the fun usual way of bringing cookies. (He works in the ER.)

17. I feel guilty for not attending church once this year. I blame my husband’s schedule and the fact that if I went solo I would spend most of my time outside with my crazy kiddo.
18. I love my crazy kiddo, wish he would wake up. He calls any food that we are eating “Hot” and once you put on your coat he automatically says “Bye“.
19. Propane heat is super expensive.
20. I hate this house we are in. It’s old, dirty, dated, creaks, and I can’t wait to build our new one.
21. I love this house we are in because we can spill, dent, drop, and destroy things and I don’t feel bad about it.
22. I fear we might end up living in this house longer then our 3 year plan. I think we might like not having a house payment for a while.
23. I am going to miss my puppy when she is gone. She is 9 years old now and getting so old.
24. I never talk on the phone anymore. That is all I use to do. I am missing some old friends that I desperately need to call.

25. My son is up, I am really excited to see him this morning! Gotta go!