Top 10 Products For Toddlers

Top 10 Products For Toddlers

It’s official (for a few months now), my little baby boy is now a toddler. According to the, a toddler is “a child between 12 and 36 months of age. During this period of development the child acquires a sense of autonomy and independence through the mastery of various specialized tasks such as control of body functions, refinement of motor and language skills, and acquisition of socially acceptable behavior, especially toleration of delayed gratification and acceptance of separation from the mother or parents. The period is characterized by exploration of the environment and rapid cognitive development as the child strives for self-assertion and personal interaction with others while struggling with parental discipline and sibling rivalry.

Wow, that was long!! However, right on when it comes to my crazy, adventurous, totally uncoordinated little boy! With the onset of toddler years, I have found some products that I honestly could not live without and I thought I would share my must have list for toddlers (in no particular order).
1. Waterproof SuperBib
I don’t know about you, but I do not like doing laundry all the time. These waterproof bibs help out with that. Not only do they keep water, soup, cereal, and whatever else off my kiddo’s clothes they also are easy to wash in the sink. I wash them with the high chair tray and lay them both out to dry. The material makes these bibs dry super fast and they are usually ready for the next meal in a couple hours.
2. Baby Moccasins source
I really should call these “soft leather” shoes because they aren’t moccasins in the true sense, but they remind me of them. My little guy spends majority of the day in his sleeper and I slip these shoes over the bottom of his sleepers to prevent him from sliding around on the floor. The shoes have a soft leather sole on the bottom, which allow them to grip the hard floors better. Also, they form better to the kiddos chubby feet, so I think it makes it easier for him to walk around then normal shoes.
3. Baby Signing Time
We started playing this video for Aiden when he was about 5 months old. The songs will get stuck in your head and drive you crazy, but your kid will love this video. He get’s so excited every time I turn it on and he has picked up on the signing. It has been very helpful since he can’t quite communicate verbally with us yet.
4. Playtex Insulated Cups
I have tried several brands of sippy cups, but I like this kind the best. They keep his milk colder, longer and they wash up easier then other brands. The inside has this rubber stopper that can easily be removed and washed in the dishwasher.
5. Baby Toothbrush (aka back teething brush)source
The young toddler years are a fun time when their molars begin to come in. It is HORRIBLE!! I found these baby tooth brushes that are suppose to help them brush their teeth, but I have found they are wonderful for his back teeth coming in. They are soft, so I don’t worry about him falling with one in his mouth and he absolutely loves them. I only wish they were colored. It’s hard to see them on the floor and I vacuumed up one the other day…
6. Snack Catchers
The snack catchers are the greatest invention! My little man loves his cheerios and these snack catchers provide entertainment. Your child has to work at opening the flaps to get a cheerio and the flaps keep most of the cheerios contained. They allow him to walk around and explore with his food, without making such a huge mess.
7. Suction Plates/Bowls
These plates/bowls are great for teaching your little one how to use eating utensils. I started putting Aiden’s oatmeal and yogurt in these bowls every morning and sticking them to his high chair tray. These bowl are great because it allows them to learn how to use a spoon and scoop up food without the bowl sliding off the tray. At first he made quite the mess, and still does, but each day he gets better at feeding himself.

8. GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce

I came across these at Costco one day– I actually picked them up for my husband to take to work. I gave one to my little guy and he loved them. They are easy to keep in the diaper bag and for him to eat on the go. The unique design allows him to squeeze the apple sauce into his mouth without making a mess.
9. Sun Maid Fruit Bits
I am somewhat obsessed with dried fruit, but cutting up dried apricots and apples for my son is a little bit of pain. I found these fruit bits in the store one day and they are a staple around our household now. I keep a pack in the diaper bag for a healthy snack on the go. I will sprinkle some in his yogurt, oatmeal, or just as a fruit part of his lunch.

10. Dollar Tree Board Books

My kiddo LOVES to read, but he is not the most gentle child with books. I have already spent many of hours taping together pages of books. (OK, that’s exaggerating it’s been just two books.) The Dollar Tree offers these awesome board books for $1 each. The stories are short, simple, and virtually indestructible. Also, they have some foam books that can go in the bathtub and make a great teething toy.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 products for toddlers. Do you have some favorites that you can’t live without? If so, let me know. I am always looking for new things to make my life easier!

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