Unhealthy Eating/Drinking Habit Confession

Unhealthy Eating/Drinking Habit Confession

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching, I (along with many other women across the country) am thinking more about eating right and focusing on healthier habits.

One of my favorite ways to gain inspiration for this (and basically anything else) is to peruse Pinterest for healthy eating tips and exercises. Pinterest is chock-full of great motivation and tips for keeping your cravings at bay. However, as I go through all of these great tips and ideas I can’t help but feel complete mortification when I realize how badly I eat sometimes. Actually, I seem to have the biggest problem in what I choose to drink.
Here is the very real but very embarrassing truth: my typical day consists of coffee in the morning (1-3 cups), caffeine in the afternoon (sugar-free Red Bull or Diet Coke) and to end my day, a glass of wine. This is as I said, a typical day for me. How HORRIBLE is that?! To sum it up I am totally addicted to caffeine and then top off my day with sugary wine.

I realize this is so not good for me. It just isn’t healthy. But here is my issue: I love drinking it so much, and since it all fits into my daily calorie goal, I have no motivation to stop. I suppose it’s like smoking or any other bad habit; if you don’t really, TRULY want to quit then you don’t. And I just don’t want to 🙁 I love coffee, diet pop and wine. As long as I’m within my calorie goal, how do I feel motivated to stop? The scary info about ingredients in these items doesn’t even deter me. I should say that I think a lot of my bad food/drink habits are the factor of emotional eating or drinking. I work and attend graduate school FULL TIME. Sometimes I feel like coffee is this happy, little victory in my morning… and the same with the other drinks. Again, what a horrible habit. Clearly I have to learn to channel my emotions into different outlets. Some of you may think, “I’ve never done that!” but can you honestly say you’ve never had a time when you looked forward to relishing a special meal? Particularly after a stressful week at works or after studying for hours on end? I think it’s an easy trap to fall into. Unfortunately if I’m honest with myself, until I’m finished with grad school all I can realistically do is cut back on the bad stuff instead of eliminating it all together.

Do you have a shameful food or drink habit that you can’t seem to give up and frankly don’t want to?