Spring Fever!

Spring Fever!

It’s official, I have spring fever. Have you ever looked up the definition of spring fever? Well, it’s an actual medical term, which surprised me.

Spring Fever [sprɪŋ fivər]  A constellation of mental changes–eg, brighter mood, positive attitude, joie de vivre, that accompany longer, sunnier days in spring.

It’s been in the upper 60s so far everyday this week, and I am going to officially call it—
 It’s Spring!!!

Now this may not seem to be a big deal to you, but I live in South Dakota, where winter on occasion likes to rear it’s ugly head in April. I can’t complain though, I love winter. I love the snow and dare I say it, the cold. (In fact, I have found I prefer running in 20 degree weather vs the 60 degree we have had of late. It reminds me of my paper route days as a kid in Wisconsin.)

As a medicine for my fever, I tend to be outside as much as I can. In the past two days alone, we have gone to the zoo, walked the arboretum, had dinners on the deck, and eaten ice cream not once but twice! I wanted to write a blog showing all the nice, new, green items of Spring around us, but alas everything is still brown. It will be a few more weeks before we see those tulips start to pop up, the grass turning green, trees budding and once they do I am sure I will  be out there with my camera taking as many pictures as I can. Until then, I though I would post a few pictures I have found online that really help cool my spring fever– enjoy!
I love the sight of tulips popping up from the ground. It’s a tiny sign that new life is being born.
Multiple times during the day you can hear the calls of the geese flying North overhead. I love seeing all the birds fly back to their homeland. When we were at the arboretum yesterday, we saw the bluest bluebird. He was so bright blue he almost looked electric. We had a fun time watching him fly from tree to tree!
Spring is the time for preparing your garden for the year. We moved into this house too late in the season last year, so I am excited to get our gardens ready for the season. I have a lot of rock to move and the soil is in need of some good manure and compost, but I think our South facing backyard might produce some the best produce we have had in years. On the planting agenda– Yukon gold potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers,  green peppers, onions, green beans, and a huge variety of squashes for the fall. 
The sound of running water, makes me think of Spring. We live by a pretty nice sized creek and I could hear the water rushing from it the other day all the way across our pond (which too is almost melted!) While we were exploring the arboretum yesterday, Aiden and I took a walking break to play in a small stream, that was newly unfrozen. He actually got to dip his toes in the icy cold water of the stream for the first time in his life and had such a great time doing it. 
And my last image of spring, lemon bars. Oh how I love a good lemon bar! (Which I am desperate need of a good recipe so if you have one send it to me.) Something about citrus fruits and Spring just go hand in hand. 
Well, those are just some of the items that make me excited for the full onset of Spring. As I am sure my Spring fever will begin to cool soon, but until then I am looking forward to the blooming around us!

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