A Busy Spring

A Busy Spring

It seems that for the last two months our number of posts have really gone down. Sorry, it’s been a busy spring! Here in South Dakota, the warm weather doesn’t usually kick in till mid to late April, but this year we have been blessed with warm weather starting in March!

I have been frantically working around the house like a mad woman! There are so many project that I am doing around the house, but sadly none of them are really blog worthy 🙁

I took an old landscaping area and removed rocks from it, pulled the weeds, and tilled under all the dirt to create a new garden area out of it.

Yesterday we planted all of our plants. We soon will have potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, butternut squash, Chinese squash, herbs, and some hops. (The hops is for my husband’s beer making.)

In addition to planting the garden, I am in the process of trying to save/restore our grass. When we purchased this house, we had basically all weeds. After two rounds of broad leaf spray, we are down to just dirt and a little grass. I lovingly spread out some grass seed and raked it into the ground, hoping to have some thicker grass by summer. (My husband’s project has been to build us a Fire Patio. Basically a really nice fire pit surrounded by a brick patio. Hopefully he will write a blog for me about it.)

In addition to the yard work, I have been clearing out an area under one of our decks to be a sandbox for Aiden. I think it will be perfect for him to play while I work on the garden and the deck will provide some shade from the sun.  I hope to blog about this project soon.
On the days it’s raining, I have been working on the Firetruck Room (see The Fire Truck Room #1) and I am proud to say that it’s almost finished! The painting of the walls are complete, along with my wall mural. I can’t wait for the big reveal!

And as for recipes, well with warm weather comes grilling. We have pretty much stuck with the usual of chicken, burgers, brats, and steak.
Oh and let’s not forget the famous work done yearly in each and every house….SPRING CLEANING!
While doing all of these little projects, I am making it through the pregnancy (now 16 weeks along), chasing a toddler around, and working part time. On most days, I go to bed around 9pm and try to drag myself out of bed at 7am, when my son gets up. I am lucky to have a son who lets me sleep that late. However, this pregnancy is exhausting….
and the allergies aren’t making it easier on me 🙂

So my apologies for not having any new posts lately. My hopes are to get up a few more posts in the next week, however I have about a 40 hour work project coming up in the next few days so life looks to be very busy! (Oh and a vacation– can’t forget the vacation or actually two vacations!!! Yeah!!!)

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