Countdown of Summer Projects

Countdown of Summer Projects

It hit me the other day, I have less that 18 weeks till our second baby comes. That means I have 18 weeks to finish numerous summer projects.

Now many of you reading this blog might notice the lack of blogging from me. I have been traveling a lot lately, sleeping a lot lately, but also I have been working on projects a lot lately. I just haven’t had time to write blogs about all of them.

I decided to write this blog as sort of a teaser to projects you can expect to read a blog on in the future. I have 18 weeks to get so many of these projects done, but luckily there are so many that almost finished. (Also, on a side note, I am writing this blog to remind me of all the things I need to get done and soon!)

1. Fire Truck Room

I know I have been going on for months now about this room. Working on little projects, here and there. Honestly, I am almost done! I have 2 things left to do. Hang up his custom designed (by me) growth chart banner and paint two little chairs white that my sister gave me. That’s it! So hopefully this blog will make it’s debut soon!

2. The Under Deck Sandbox

Yet another project I am almost finished with. The box has been built under our tall deck, stained, and filled. I still have a few playground toys to attach to the structure, install a swing, remove some poorly place Hostas and add some more rock. Actually I hope to do this right after I finish this blog! 

3. The Open Toy Box

As always with kids, you need more toy storage. I saw this online and decided I could build it and actually I did build yesterday. Really I just built the blue storage on the bottom half of the picture and plan to add some cube storage to the top some day. All I have let to do is paint it! (If you can’t tell I like to start projects, just not finish them.)

4. Organize and Clean The Shop
Imagine the messiest place on earth– full of tools, sawdust, screwdrivers, nails, and trash. That is our basement shop room. Making the above toy box was quite the task as I had to dig around for all the tools I needed. I don’t have a picture of the messy place, but I am hoping to make a nice little blog about the clean-up project. It needs to desperately be cleaned and organized!

5. My Little Girl’s Nursery
Yep, we are having a girl so you can bet that I am going to make her room so darn cute! I have grand plans for trees on the walls, pink paint, great colorful curtains, pink pillows, removing the closet doors, and did I mention pink? Pink and green will be the dominant colors of the room. I have already ordered the fabric and plan to reuse my green crib set from Aiden. With with a little luck, I will be able to get this finished some day! So a sneak peak of the room, here is the fabric I LOVE!

Anyways, that is my list so far for the summer. Not to mention a couple more vacations, two family reunions, and trying to get my kiddo Aiden to sleep in a toddler bed. It should be exciting! 

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