The Fire Truck Room #3: The Reveal

The Fire Truck Room #3: The Reveal

Well the big day has come, the revealing of the fire truck room. It’s been a long project over the last year and it is nice to say it is FINISHED!! I have been posting random blogs about this room, please read:

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To review, the fire truck theme came about from the fact that my son’s Farfar use to be a fire fighter. Both he and my husband have fond memories of those fire fighter days– the large fire trucks and putting out the fires. Also, I like that I can use the red and white color scheme for any future rooms that Aiden might ask for, such as a Nebraska Husker room (my husband’s alma mater University of Nebraska). The third reason, I just think the theme is super cute! I mean, what is not to love about fire trucks and there is a lot to choose from when it comes to decoration!

The moment has arrived, the big reveal. I hope I didn’t build this room up too much! This is the right side of the room when you walked in before.

And now this is the right side of the room. The table was $14 at IKEA and the chair were given to me by my sister Luci. They use to be beat up spider-man chairs, but I painted them white so hopefully they can go with other kids things in the future. The main black area above the table is a chalk board so Aiden can draw  to his heart’s content.

I used his bookshelf and attached the changing pad to the back of it so it would double as a changing table. I know, people still think it’s crazy that I use a changing table, but it works and saves me from having to bend over him with this huge prego belly of mine. I attached a red basket from IKEA to the side of the bookshelf to hold diapers and wipes. 
The large AIDEN letters are cardboard from Hobby Lobby that I just painted red to match the room. I had him random letters while changing him and he likes to say the letters over and over again. However, he love to stick his foot through the letter “D”, which makes changing him a little tough.

This is the window/left side of the room before. 

And this is the window side of the area now. You will see that I hung a couple more shelves, the hanging bumper pad book holders, and the toy box also doubles as a window seat.

I love plants and I have so many. Aiden has grown very attached to this one, he like to touch it every morning, so it has made it’s way to being a permanent fixture in the room.

Here is the new painted toddler bed and the fire truck painting I made him.

 I am absolutely in love with this brown wall! It just adds some good contrast to the colors of the room. 
This is the closet and the entrance to the room before I changed them a little. 
I added a fire truck over the door rack to the entrance door and hung a custom growth chart for Aiden on the closet door. 
Here’s a better view of the growth chart. I am so glad to have a printer connection that will allow me to make custom artwork like this growth chart. (If you want something like this just email me and I can give you more info.)

That’s the big reveal of the fire truck room. I hope I will have given some of you out there some cute ideas to add to your own toddler’s room. Now only if we can get him to stay in that toddler bed…..that’s a different story and there will be more on that soon!

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