Baby 2.0: Girl Nursery Ideas

Baby 2.0: Girl Nursery Ideas

Yes, that’s right….it’s idea time for our little girl’s nursery! This has been one the best rooms to get ideas for decorating! There are so many different themes you can go with when it comes to a baby girl nursery. You can go either all out “girly” or stay on the neutral side. 

With Aiden’s room, I opted for an alphabet theme with colors of blue, green, and brown. (See The Nursery Remodel Complete)

To start with ideas on our girl’s nursery, I thought I should pick the color scheme and that was easy. I love green. I have green things left over from Aiden’s nursery and thought there is no better girl color combo then green and pink! I will also mix in some browns to match the furniture and other decor. I found this picture on pinterest and LOVE the color combo.

I wish my ceilings were that high! I have the perfect chandelier to hang in her room, but unfortunately everyone would bump their head on it if I hung it up. 
Then I saw the nursery below and I really do like the wide stripes. They are a great geometric element added to the room.  Also, the other element of the picture that I like is the large bed in the room. We have basically two normal sized rooms on our main floor and one really tiny room. Aiden took the very tiny room and the other will have to double as a guest room and nursery. 
I actually love having a queen bed in the same room as the baby, for those nights when I am nursing at 3am. It will be nice and comfy to relax on and my husband loves that I won’t wake him up! 
I went shopping for fabric the other day and found the perfect fabric for the room. It was almost love at first sight and you can laugh at me, but I am serious! I saw this fabric from across the room and knew that the nursery and it were meant to be together! I plan on making curtains out of this fabric, covering a couple lamp shades, and making pillows with it. 

Now onto the theme! With Aiden’s nursery I put very large vinyl cut alphabet letters on the wall, but with this nursery I decided to go a little more natural. Maybe it’s because our current land we have over 108 trees or maybe because it could be the nursery trend right now, but I am LOVING the tree nursery theme. 
I liked the tree below for the dark silhouette and the birds. Very cute!
This one I love the pink flowers and the curly branches. 
The one below I not only like the tree that goes into the ceiling, but I loved the baby quote on the wall. Also, the brown bark with blue leaves was a great way to tie in the colors of the room. 
Honestly though, this tree wins out of all of them. I loved the swirly branches, the fact it goes into the ceiling, really everything about it. However, I would like to add some color into the tree. The image below is a wall decal you can purchase, but I didn’t want a decal– I want to paint it on the wall. I emailed the artist and asked if I could purchase the digital image from her so I could paint it on my wall. Unfortunately, I had no response from her. Using my graphic design skillz, I decided to attempt to draw a tree myself or something similar to this tree.
Other then trees, I have found a few little accessories to use. I picked up this really large shelf at a garage sale for $2. I plan on hanging letters from it to spell out her name like below. 
The nursery currently has very dangerous closet doors on the closet. They have  no bottom track, they come off their top track all the time, and have pinched my fingers not once but several times. They need to go. I have opted for something like this to the closet and adding in a cute closet organizer of some sort. 
Those are my ideas so far for the room. I just need to get painting and I am sure more ideas will come to me soon! I am going to try to reuse as much as I can from Aiden’s nursery to save money, but we will see what kind of deals I can find. Until then, happy painting!!!

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