Baby 2.0: 28 Weeks Pregnant

Baby 2.0: 28 Weeks Pregnant

Well, I am officially 28 weeks along in our second pregnancy and I thought I should write a little blog about how the pregnancy is going. (Plus Christi keeps harassing me that I wrote way more about my pregnancy with Aiden then this one.)

Here is what I started out looking like at 9 weeks:

And after a weight gain of 35 pounds so far, I have ended up looking like this:

That’s me at the Heart concert with a friend from high school…it was a very hot day out! (Notice the dark circles under my eyes and read below.)

With those belly pictures comes a little update on how things are going so far in my pregnancy:

1. Sleep- I haven’t been able to sleep more than about 6 hours at a time now for about 3 weeks. (Hence, the dark circles in the above picture.) I remember this with the first pregnancy. At about 2-4am the baby decides to wake up, jump on my bladder, and then head-bang in my belly for a few hours. Once I am woken up, I realize I am starving and have to eat a bowl of cereal. After I eat my cereal I usually will fall back asleep about 5:30am, just in time for my son to wake up an hour later.

2. Hunger- The hunger has been pretty steady but has honestly gotten a little less in the last few weeks…which I like! If you can’t tell by my gaining almost 35 pounds already, I am not starving! I seem to be on track to gaining 50 pounds like the last pregnancy, which is such a bummer!

3. Energy- Awesome! I really think the picture above should have a very pregnant lady in the mix! The nesting has officially kicked in. I love the increased energy that comes with this time! I have already mostly finished the nursery. (However still lacking a few small details or else there would be a blog about it.) On top of that I have almost organized the shop, started landscaping around our 300 feet of shrubs we had installed, and taken on a new room in the house…the master bathroom. It’s amazing how much energy I have, despite the lack of sleep!

4. Hopes: I am hoping for a happy, healthy, little girl to be born without any complications. I pray for it every night. We have already some health concerns with this little girl, as she is just at 10% for size and they are pretty sure she has sandal gap toes (which is a genetic marker for a few problems.) So far, she appears very healthy and moves around in my belly like a crazy women, so let’s just hope she is just small and that’s all! I also hope that Aiden will be a good older brother. He has become quite the little helper as of late, so I just hope it will continue when she is born. 

5. Fears: Obviously with the concerns above I have some fears in those areas too, but I think the thing I am most fearing now is the c-section and a toddler at the same time! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my c-section. I know there are few women who say that, but I really didn’t think it was so bad the first time. I already had surgery on my abdomen as a child, so they just used the same scar to do the c-section, which I think made the healing process easier. I am scared of the not being able to pick up my almost 30 pound toddler and how bad that is going to make me feel. Also, I am scared I will workout too hard or do something I shouldn’t and open the incision back up. My friend had this happen to her and she said it was very painful and just lengthens your recovery time. My goal is to keep my motivated self, unmotivated…at least until the Dr. approves my physical activities.

6. To Dos: Of course, I had a small to-do list at the beginning of the summer (see Countdown of Summer Projects) which basically was finishing the fire truck room, nursery, building the sandbox, organizing the shop, and building the open toy box. I am happy to say that I have pretty much finished the list, other than the organizing the shop, but I have added more projects to the list. My to-do list before the baby arrives now is:
– Re-build the fishing bench
– Landscape around the bushes out front (no small task, we have 300 ft of bushes)
– Remove wallpaper/paint the master bathroom
– Organize the shop
– Sort through baby items!

I keep putting off the shop because I know I will just keep messing it up until I finish all my other projects and honestly if that doesn’t get finished before our little girl arrives it’s no big deal.  Hopefully, I won’t add anymore projects to my list!

Well, that’s my 28 weeks! I have 11 weeks to go and that is only if she decides to let me do the c-section at 39 weeks. When I say “she” I not only mean the baby, but my OB as well. When the babies are small like ours is, there is a good chance they might take her out at 37 weeks…which is what happened with our last child. We will see!

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