Happy (Busy) New Year!

Happy (Busy) New Year!

I know, I know… a little late on the HAPPY New Year! But this Mama has been busy! It’s now January 19th and this is my first post of the New Year and I will explain why.

In September, I had my second child and since then my life has been in great disarray. In addition to the challenges of a newborn, I have a crazy, energetic toddler to run after. I have felt so overwhelmed in the last few months. I somehow managed to balance two kids, working from home, keeping the house clean, volunteering for my MOPS group, making healthy meals, working out an hour a day, doing some DIY projects, and blogging for the first few months of Remy’s life. However, at some point around Christmas I just felt exhausted and guilty for neglecting my children for my many activities.

At that point I made the decision to scale down my activities in this new year. My children are growing up so fast and soon they will be in school. While they are little, I want to spend all my free time playing, talking, reading, and exploring with them. I have made it a weekly goal to bring my son to library story time, play play-dough, read books, finger paint, color, pretend, build legos, and sing lots and lots of songs. (No matter how horrible of a singer I might be!)

Scaling down my activities this year means you will see me blog less, work less, clean less, build less, and craft less. This doesn’t mean I won’t posts blogs anymore. I have about a million blogs running around in my head on a daily basis, but I will only try to write them when my kids are napping. 

I really hope to make 2013, 2014, 2015 years where I spend as much time as I can with my kids! Before I know it (2015) my little guy will be starting school and the moments of my kids and I spending days together will be gone. 

Until  then…

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