Organizing Under The Sink

Organizing Under The Sink

A few weeks ago I came across this post on Pinterest on how to organize your house one day at a time from The idea was simple– each day of the year have one very small task to complete for a decluttered home. I decided to give it a try. I don’t necessarily follow her calendar in order (especially since it’s from 2012), but one task a day is my goal. 

One day I was doing the dishes and noticed how under the sink in my kitchen was a mess! 

I hate having to dig in this cupboard to find my cleaning products, scrub brushes, or large bottles to refill my smaller bottles. This NEEDED to be organized!
I came across this picture from and thought it was such a great idea to keep bottle organized and arranged nicely under the sink. 
However, I have a pull out organizer that holds all of my dish towels and there is no way I could install the tension rod under my sink. I needed another idea. I was going through my bin of organizing extras and came across this $2 towel rod.

I installed the rod on the side of the cupboard and hung up a couple hooks for my brushes.  

After hanging all the bottles, I organized everything remaining from least used to most used. The least used items were placed towards the back (large soap containers to refill small container, compost filters, odd cleaning items, etc.) After rummaging through the rest of my organizing items, I was able to use a basket and a glass jar container for my dish soap.

It may not be the prettiest cupboard under the sink, but it was fast, easy, free and now ORGANIZED! 
Have a small tip that you have found that keeps your life a little more organized? I would love to hear with a comment below! 

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