Healthy Super Bowl Menu

Healthy Super Bowl Menu

Well we made it, February 2nd and it’s that Super Bowl kind of time right now. It’s also about one month past everyone’s New Year’s resolutions and if you are still keeping up with yours give yourself a big pat on the back!
Did you know (according to that the #1 New Year’s resolution is to lose weight? In the first week of January 25% of people quit their resolutions. And by a month later (now and Super Bowl) only 64% of people are still keeping their resolutions. 
Since losing the last 10 pounds of baby weight was #1 on my New Year’s resolutions, I thought making some healthy Super Bowl recipes this year might be just the thing needed to keep me motivated! (By the way I have lost 3.5 pounds!) Who knows, maybe these low calorie recipes will be better then the full fat ones and I might never go back!
(1/4 cup is 75 calories)
I plan on eating this yummy dip on some pretzel crisps!

Greek Six Layer Dip
(1/4 cup is 50 calories)

Instead of plating this dip, I am going to place it on top of a homemade, low calorie, thin pizza crust I make. Then I will slice it into triangles for easy eating!

(1/4 cup is 68 calories)

This one just screams football to me. I really love buffalo dips with celery. I feel chips make it too salty most of the time. 

Cajun Burger Bites
(1 burger is 80 calories)

This is probably the main course of the evening. I personally LOVE dips so I have a hard time walking away from them, but variety is the spice of life! 

If anyone wants to join me in making these yummy recipes this evening, I have compiled the grocery shopping list (in order of department) in the link below.

I hope you all have a fun time watching the super bowl and GO FOOTBALL!!! (Notice I am not voicing who I am rooting for?? I think there is enough of that on facebook as it is! Speaking of facebook– Please like our page at:

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