Black Hills Outdoor Adventure

As you can tell, our blogging has been quite slow for the last month. Well, it’s summer and I think all of us would rather be outside enjoying the great weather, than inside on the computer 🙂
I thought I would share some recent photos of my outdoor adventure while on a recent trip to the Black Hills. Enjoy…
Our view of the Black Hills
The lone pine cone Richard’s Alumroot
I just loved the color of the rust on the tree bark
Northwest Cinquefoil
Purple wildflower that reminds me of a butterfly
The remains of a dandelion
Curlycup Gumweed
Prairie Star
A white wildflower
Blue-Eyed Grass
White Beardtongue
The beginnings of pine cones on a spruce tree
Northwest Cinquefoil
Wild Blue Flax
Yellow Goats Beard
Enchanter’s Nightshade
Dames Rocket
Poison Ivy we got into (luckily no reactions)
And a perfect double rainbow to end our day.