The Christmas Cookie Party

It’s that time of year, CHRISTMAS COOKIES! I know many of us have been really busy (notice the lack of blogs for the last 2 weeks!) but I LOVE making Christmas cookies and couldn’t wait to get together with a friend of mine and fellow blogger, Amelia, to make a bunch of cookies.
(Read her blog here.)

She came over to my house one morning around 10am and we began the baking process. This is what the counters looked like littered with our baking arsenal.
She has two kiddos and I had my one, but really none of them are old enough to really enjoy the baking process. So the two older ones played together in the living room while watching Yo Gabba, Gabba!
And Amelia found a way to multi-task baking and hanging out with her little one.
We ended up making six different kinds of cookies! Amelia made some wonderful Oreo Truffles. Which, I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of, but she also made these super yummy Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies, which are a new fav of mine!
And no Christmas Cookie party would be complete without Holiday Sugar Cookies. This recipe is really unique in that it uses brown sugar instead of white.
I chose to do freezer cookies, so we could just pull them out and slice them up when needed. I found this recipe for these Colorful Swirl Cookies on Pinterest.
Then of course, there are my Cranberry Pinwheels which I LOVE!
And lastly some Chewy Chocolate Cookies that I rolled in crushed candy cane.
It was really fun to bake all day…and when I say all day, it was ALL day! In total, we baked for 6 hours! I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that we did stop and took a break around 2pm to enjoy a beer. It’s not a regular occurance, but it was fun to do!We had a really great time and enjoyed eating all the cookies we made.
Do you and your family have any regular Christmas cookie favorites? I would love to have you share the recipes! I love trying new cookies and adding more cookies each year to our cookie list!
Happy baking!