Making A Simple Floral Centerpiece

In my pursuit to decorate my kitchen, I have decided to go with a somewhat of a Tuscan theme. Not the normal red Tuscan, but more of an antique white Tuscan. The other day I was having my weekly thrift store visit when I saw this vase for 99 cents! I thought PERFECT! It fits my theme in the kitchen, but now what should I put in it?
I have never been a fan of fake flowers, but as I have learned while decorating my house, there are some really nice fake flowers out there that look great! Also, Hobby Lobby sells dried plants near the flower section and I just love the natural look that these provide. So to balance out my somewhat ‘distaste’ for fake flowers I like combining dried plants with some fake flowers. The result can be a little color to the lovely natural look that the dried plants provide.

I found this nice dried plant combination, below. The white flowers are not natural, they look more like paper, but I just loved the combo of the reeds, woods, and paper flowers. The whole bundle was on sale for $5.99.
Beiges and browns can get boring, so I wanted to tie in some color to match this kitchen. These lovely blue flowers were in the ‘fake flower’ section (about $2 for each set). I thought a little blue would be just what i needed to make the centerpiece stand out just a little and tie into our blue walls.
When making you centerpiece, the most important thing is to make sure it functions in the space you are placing it. This centerpiece will go on the center of the table so I don’t want it to be too tall because it will overpower the table. Using scissors and wire cutters, I trimmed down all the reeds and flowers.
The arrangement of the flowers is really up to you . Whatever you think looks fine. I arranged the centerpiece to have a little blue on each side to create some balance. I place the white flowers in the foreground to lighten up the dark reeds in the background.
Overall I think the centerpiece turned out great and adds just a little color to the kitchen.