The Living Room Remodel

We are off again on another room to remodel, this time it’s the living room! There will only be three major rooms after we finish this one. With my husband off this month, this remodel might go fast! We just finished remodeling our bathroom, but I will post those pictures later on in the week. I wanted to first give you a sneak peak at the living room before we start transforming it.

There is a ton of woodwork in this room.
I love the color red with all of the woodwork, so I am thinking about having one red wall and the rest of the walls to be a light brown color.
I would like to transform these lampshades to match the one red wall.
I love the floor to ceiling windows that look over the lake.
Here is the ugly wallpaper in this room, it is very similar to the wallpaper we had in the nursery.
And the ugly light fixture…I have no idea what to replace this with. If you have any ideas for a new light there, please let me know. Well, that is the next room that we are working on. I am hoping to get it finished soon!