Painting The Front Door Red

Painting The Front Door Red

Want a quick and easy makeover for the front of you house? Paint your front door. I have been dying to paint the front door and since the kitchen is finally finished I decided to tackle this project this last weekend.

Here is our door before. It is the same color of our house. I thought painting it red would create a more open/inviting image for the house.

The paint on the door was cracking, so the time to paint was perfect! Also, the handle on the door has been broken since we moved in. You can get out of the house, but you can’t get in.
Last summer I was at a garage sale and I saw this deadbolt and lock display set for sale. I talked the lady down to just $15 and purchased this item below. I found the same set later at Lowe’s and it was over $100, so I think I got a really good deal. I had it re-keyed and it was ready to go…now just to paint!
To start out with, scrape off all of the paint you can. Our paint was so cracked it was pretty easy for me to scrape it all off.
Next, apply your tinted primer. I had to use tinted primer because it makes the red paint more vibrant with less coats.
I then applied three coats of the red paint to the door after the primer paint. I also did the same scraping, primer, and paint to the side windows around the door. It looks wonderful!!!
My husband was nice enough to install the door handle and lock so this short project is complete!

We are so happy with the red door and it adds so much more character to our house!