Baby 2.0: The Girl Nursery Before

Baby 2.0: The Girl Nursery Before

A few months ago we found out that we will be having a girl for our second child, and we couldn’t be more excited! The last blog post was about ideas for the girl nursery (see post here) and I thought it was about time to show you the room that will be the nursery. (To see more posts about Baby 2.0 you can click here.)
This room is the front of our house, and honestly our largest bedroom. According to our fuse box, it use to be a formal living room…which would have made this house a 1 bedroom house? Which seems strange to me because supposably the people who built this house had 7 kids!! 
Like the rest of our house, it is a very dated 1978 room. Complete with the swag window treatments, plastic blinds, and dated ceiling fan. We have used this room as our guest room and basically our overall storage room. 
This is what it looks like when you walk into the room: 
A view from the other side of the room. I plan on keeping all this furniture in this room. I like the idea of a full bed in the room for those late night nursings! 

This is a better view of the fan, which I would love to switch out! I actually have a chandelier I would love to replace it with, but the ceilings are so low that you would hit your head on it! I will write more about the fan drama later…  Also, you might notice Aiden rocking away in the rocking chair. He loves that chair!!

At this view you see our closet, crib, and guitar. You might notice I still have the drop side crib, but in my defense you need to be a body builder to get the side down. We didn’t take it down once with Aiden and it’s really hard to move it down, so we decided to keep it as the danger of them is suppose to be the sides falling down.

Here is an up close of our super jammed packed closet! We used it as extra clothing storage for our clothes, but I guess those will have to be moved to the basement now. I hate these doors! There is no bottom track, so they smash your fingers very easily. Also, they slide off their top track which is super annoying to get back one. They are going to go away! 

Well, that is the room before. I am excited to show your the room after!

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