Paint Only Remodel: The Main Bathroom

Paint Only Remodel: The Main Bathroom

One year ago we purchased our “new” house (see post here). This house is not our ideal house and to say it’s very dated is such an understatement. We fell in love with the 5 acres of land this house sits on and we were able to purchase this house/land at a very good price but our overall goal is to build a different house on this same lot and knock this one down. (As recommended by the two contractors we brought out to bid for remodeling it.) Until then, we are living in a house that looks like it could be right out of the Brady Bunch tv show!

When we moved into this house, my husband made the rule that I could only use paint to remodel any of the rooms, just because it would be a waste of money to put anything more into this house. Really I didn’t have plans to do much remodeling/painting, but the more I live in this house the more I realize and crave a fresh coat of paint on the walls. I love painting and it is amazing what a coat of paint can do to transform a room, plus add some color to these plain white walls! I started with the kitchen (Kitchen Redo), created my son a fire truck room out of the small office room, and I am almost finished with creating the room for the nursery.

In the last week I decided to remodel our master bathroom, the only full bathroom on the main floor. I know I am not quite finished with the nursery, but I am giving myself time to hunt for good deals on little decorative features in the room.  So while I garage sale shop on the weekends for the nursery, I have been working on this bathroom on the weekdays. I thought it would be nice to share with you what the bathroom looks like. Be prepared…it’s U-G-L-Y! This whole bathroom is pretty bad. Brown tub, toilet, brown wallpaper, 70s lighting…it looks like a dark cave. 

The first picture is of the toilet/shower area of the bathroom. When we first purchase the house, there were doors on the shower. They weighed about 30 pounds each door and were always are going off track. I decided to remove the doors so this is what it first looked like when we purchased the house:

And here is the bathroom now:

The main sink area looks like this. (Sorry about the terrible lighting in the pics, like I said….it looks like a cave.)

Here is the up-close of the sink. I have to keep the sinks and counter tops, as paint is only allowed. I am going to try to spray paint these faucets….we will see how that works out! 

We have these awesome shag lights. Now I am only allowed to paint, however I did try to convince my husband to let me purchase new lights for this bathroom. They were only $19, but he still said “no.” However, I have an idea to give these shag lights a little modern look to them…

  And the up-close of the cupboard hardware, which of course I will be painting! 

I am pretty sure this project might not get all the way finished before the second kiddo comes along. My goal is to get the wallpaper removed, walls, cupboards, and hardware painted and then work on my little “decorating” projects when I have time after the new baby comes. Who knows, maybe I will be able to get it all done for her arrival, but I am not going to push it. Until then, HAPPY PAINTING!

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