Printable Toy Car Road Map

Printable Toy Car Road Map

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and for many families that means traveling to see relatives. We now have a two year old and a two month old so I am anticipating our five hour road trip might not be the most enjoyable experience for any of us, but it is totally worth it to see family! I have been racking my brain with ideas to keep my toddler busy on this drive!

The other day, I purchased this great car seat tray from a friend of mine for Aiden to play on while on the trip:

I already have crayons and coloring books packed, but I was trying to think of some more fun toys he can use on this tray. The picture shows toy cars, and seeing this I came up with a great idea! A small Toy Car Road Map!
I looked all over online to see if someone had one of these available that I could just print off, but the search resulted in nothing 🙁
That is when I decided to use my skills as a graphic designer! I found some free map elements online and created my own little road map for Aiden to play with online.
I printed them on two 8.5″x11″ sheets of photo paper…but really any paper will work. I wanted a little weight to the paper and I am out of white card stock, so photo paper was my next option. 

Next I put them in a sheet protector, back to back. The tray isn’t big enough to have them side by side, so he can flip this over and change the map if he likes. Also, the sheet protector will hopefully protect it from spills and food in the car.

 The size is just perfect for the map! There is also space on the side to store extra cars.

As I am writing this blog and taking pictures, Aiden can’t help himself to play with the map as I am doing so 🙂 Hopefully, he will feel the same way in the car tomorrow! 
Here are the road maps up close:

If you would like your own road map, you can click on the pictures above and download the pdf. In case there are other graphic designers out there, I left the pdf to be editable in illustrator if you would like to move the buildings and roads around. 
Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!!!

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