The Fire Truck Room #1

The Fire Truck Room #1

I have said this a few times before on this blog, but I have decided to reveal my grand plans to make my little toddler a fire truck theme room and I thought I would share a few of my ideas with you!

First I should explain why a fire truck room– It probably all started almost nine years ago when I met my husband. Not that I was planning out our child’s room, but I saw a picture on his desk of him and his Dad in front of a fire truck. His Dad, my son’s Farfar, was a volunteer firefighter for a number of years. The picture has traveled with us through many moves and has always been on display. I think because his Dad chose such an important job of saving people, it sent a good message to his family and greatly impacted my husband’s life– as he too chose to go into a profession of saving people. The room is somewhat a tribute to my father-in-law’s former work and my husband’s memory of it. We have several items from Farfar’s days as a fire fighter that will be displayed in the room including his hat, coat, and captains sign that use to hang in the back of their vehicle.

Second, it’s just too dang cute! What’s not to love about a little boy in his fire truck room! Plus the resources for ideas for this room are endless. I am obviously not the first person to choose this theme!

Third, at some point my son will probably outgrow fire trucks. He will probably beg and say ‘that he is not a baby anymore’ and wants a more ‘manly’ room. At this point I hope to suggest to him a room entirely dedicated to my husband’s alma mater University of Nebraska. The red and white furniture can then be reused without an investment in new items.
The grand idea to start the room was to build this awesome fire truck loft I saw on Though, I decided this won’t work for us quite yet. My son is barely 17 months, and a loft bed with a small kid seems like a bad idea to me. Also, we plan on building a new house in a few years and I have a feeling this thing won’t disassemble and move very easily. So this awesome little project will have to wait until my son is older and we have our new house.

Next, I looked online at these cute little fire truck toddler beds. At a price of $150 and up, I decided just to use the current toddler bed I own until my son outgrows it.

This is our current toddler bed below as it was set up in the nursery in our old house. However, I have painted it white to match the red and white them.

And to go with the toddler bed I bought this nursery set. It turns out they don’t have really any cute toddler bed bedding sets for fire trucks. There are a few out there, but I wasn’t a real big fan of any of these. I like the red, white, and brown coloring of this one so I decided to purchase it. The quilt and the bottom sheet fit the toddler bed and I am going to take the crib bumper and refashion it into a nice pillow sham.

Ideally, as bedding goes, I would have LOVED to purchase this set from Pottery Barn. However, Pottery Barn discontinued it and the ones on ebay are used and $300. No thank you!

I also LOVED the painting in the picture above. I decided to create my own copy of it. With about 2 weeks of painting in my down time, I finished my own version of a painting that to him will be a mommy original.
I also like the idea of turning one wall into a fire station mural. The one below is wallpaper you can purchase, but I hate wallpaper so I plan to paint my own.


I have sketched-up my outline for the fire station that will be on the wall. I probably will have to adjust the width of my art, but for now this is the plan:

And of course I have blogged about all the items I have already finished for this room already, such as the the bookshelf (Garage Sale Redo: The Bookshelf) and

Next on the list is to finish the dresser in his room. This is the dresser before and my grand plans for the after are going to be so cute! (I know the dresser doesn’t look so bad, but up close it’s pretty beat up.)

Anyways, I hope to get the room entirely finished by May 11th– the day we find out if we are having a girl or a boy with this next one. Once we find that out, I will be planning the grand decor for the nursery!

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