Organizing The Garage Part 2

Organizing The Garage Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Organizing The Garage for the Fall. It’s the perfect time of year to do it. As I said before, I can’t imagine spending the winter hunting for that screw driver or drill bit in below zero weather in the mess of a place we had, so I decided to organize it…well as much as I could.

I wish I could put up a picture like this:

or this
However, the reality is we have a working garage. We use it almost each and every day. We both do some woodworking, I do lots of painting, and really we always have a bunch of household DIY projects we are working on. The white paint in the garage would last about 2 seconds. Also, we have 5 acres of land, so we have a garden tractor, a large sprayer, and a bunch of other lawn equipment. As I would LOVE to say that the above pics are my garage, it’s not and never will be. Also, we don’t plan on staying in this house very long, so we probably won’t be investing in an epoxy floor (however in the new place we will!)

Here is the before right side of the garage is full of yard equipment, fireworks (gotta love SD), random auction purchases, and other junk.
and the after
On the far right side, I made a sort of biking station. I like things off the ground so that I can sweep the garage easier. Under the shelves, I secured some nails and hung up all the power yard tools.
Next to the biking station is all of the yard tools. I know, it doesn’t look the prettiest, but they are all up there and have a spot.
I used just nails to hang them on the wall. It’s cheap and easy!
And this was the back wall of the garage before:
And the after:
I made a golfing area over to the left, a basket storage area in the middle, and a power tool station to the right. I love baskets! They look nice and hide miscellaneous junk!
This is the power tool station.
It has the saws, drills, and all the extension cords needed! (Notice our large red yard sprayer, just another large thing in the garage!)
This was the left side of the garage, which was littered with shoes, golfing stuff, screws, nails, multiple strollers, fishing gear, paint, and several ladders.
Here is the after:
Starting from the right side, I made a ladder station and covered up the existing cupboard with a curtain to hide some of the mess.
In the cupboard I put baskets to hold our work gloves, rags, and one for misc items. Also, I have a stacked storage bin that I call my safety station. It has earplugs, eye protection, and face masks.
I found a very cleaver idea to label a container of bird seed (thanks to Pinterest). Also, the tight seal lid is great for keeping mice out of it…which I have already seen one in our garage!
I love my pegboards. They were easy to make and hold so many things!

I bought some heavy duty hooks and this peg board also acts as a coat & hat rack.
I picked up this storage shelf at a garage sale. I am using it as a shoe bench though. It is heavy duty enough to hold the weight of a person sitting on it to take off their shoes.

Moving over to the left, I purchased a metal toolbox I from K-Mart that was clearance down to just $99.

Fall is the best time to buy a nice, heavy duty tool box.

If you have a lot of nails in boxes, just leave them in there. Having the easy to read labels view-able makes it fast to pick out the right screw or nail you need.

Below the nails and screws is the stroller station.
As I said before, I tried to put as many things off the ground as possible to make sweeping easier.

The far left is the painting and fishing corner.

We live on a pond so the fishing equipment is a must.
I installed some remaining pegboard so I could hang all the random fishing items we own.
The paint cupboard was a mess, but I organized it and added in some cupboard door shelves.
Stacking the paint cans in a pyramid shape allowed it easy to see each spray paint can color. Also, I LOVE keeping old coffee plastic containers. I used them to store my brushes in and while painting I like to used them to hold the paint for cutting in.
One thing I will need to change pretty quickly is the spray paint cans. I am pretty sure the garage will get too cold to store them outside, so I will be moving them into the basement storage room soon.

Well, that’s my somewhat organized garage. I hope you got a few ideas from the place. As I said, I would love to have a picture perfect garage, but I just don’t think it was stay clean very long with us. I like to organize the garage into “stations” so that you can easily find items and put them back in the correct place. Have you organized your garage this fall?? If so, I would love to see your ideas! Just comment with a link below!