DIY: Painting Stripes On The Wall

DIY: Painting Stripes On The Wall

Well, I have been working on our nursery for our little girl for the last few months (see the posts here). I decided I wanted to make stripes on one wall of the room and I wanted the stripes to be a dark and light pink. This is my little DIY on how to paint stripes on the wall. 
Here is the wall I decided to paint stripes:

To start out, measure the length of your wall and determine how many stripes you would like. There are a few ways you can make your stripes.
1. The Easy Way: Paint your entire wall you lighter color and then paint dark stripes over the top.
2. The Money Saving Way: Measure your light stripes, tape them, and then paint them. Then measure your dark stripes and tape & paint them. You would only choose this route if you want to save paint. Which is what I wanted to do.

I decided to go with 9 stripes. Start by measuring out your stripes and mark both the top and bottom of your wall. I started with the middle and moved out. The reason I did this is because if by chance I was off by a few centimeters on the sides, you won’t notice it as much on the edges.

Using a chalk reel hang the top at your first measurement mark. I used a thumb tack to hold it up.

Run the line down the wall to the bottom measurement mark.

 Hold the line at your mark.

Then snap the line against the wall to make a chalk mark.

When you have all your chalk lines marked, tape off the stripes.

I swear by Frog Tape, the paint doesn’t bleed below the tape like other brands. 
Then paint your stripes. Sorry I slacked on the pictures from here on out, but basically I painted the light pink stripes first, removed the tape, put new tape up and painted the dark pink stripes. I did this two annoying tape process all in the effort to save paint…and you know what, it worked! I didn’t have to go buy more paint! I ended up having a perfect finished product like below. 

You might notice the tape is still up. Well, I forgot to take a picture before I started the next project on the wall…hand painting trees across the stripes! It turned out great and will blog on that soon! Happy painting!

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