DIY Adirondack Porch Rockers

DIY Adirondack Porch Rockers

Since we purchased this new house, we have been in desperate need of some additional comfortable outdoor seating. We have such a nice backyard and we really enjoy sitting outside in the nice weather and enjoying a glass of wine.

I found these awesome Adirondack porch rockers online, but for $199 they were a little out of my price range.

So one day (at the beginning of the summer) I was flipping through our Harbor Freight catalog and saw that they had some unfinished Adirondack porch rocker on sale for $35.
I almost had a heart attack! I quickly went online, found a coupon, and ordered two of them for only $30 each! (Gotta love coupons.) I ordered these under the assumption they may not be the best quality, but I decided to take the $30 risk.

A few days later they arrived. We assembled them and put them to the test. My husband and I rocked, rocked, and rocked! The wood actually turned out to be in pretty good condition and they were so comfortable!
I purchased some exterior, paint and primer in one from the local hardware store. This paint was recommended by the paint guy there. He said that it would withstand the sun and all the weather elements.
Then I just happened to receive my monthly email from World Market to find out that Adirondack chair pads were on sale for $24.99. I purchased four of them, I will explain later.

Here are my finished chairs!
Let me just tell you, we have spent many evenings rocking in these chairs, enjoying the view, bird watch, and sipping wine!

Oh, but the story isn’t over yet! I wanted to have four of these chairs, to place around our fire pit, for when we have company. I didn’t want to purchase four right away because I was worried about the price to quality ratio. After three months of owning these, I have been very happy with my purchase. Today I just happened to check the Harbor Freight website and the price of these chairs have been clearanced down to $22.47!! Needless to say, I ordered two more today. And good thing I was thinking ahead on the extra chairpads, because World Market is out of stock on them now!
Each chair was about a total cost of $64.00 (with paint & cushion), which I think is a great deal in comparison to the $199 I originally found.
AND STILL the story isn’t over. The other day I was driving by a garage sale and picked up this little guy for $5:
It’s a little kid’s Adirondack chair. I am so excited to give it a little TLC and turn it into a chair for my little guy. I haven’t decided whether to paint it white to match the others or to paint it another color to match the cushions on the others. Any ideas on the color or a great buy you have found, please feel free to comment below! I love hearing the ideas!