Baby 2.0: The Nursery Reveal

Baby 2.0: The Nursery Reveal

The big nursery reveal day is finally here!! It’s officially 6 weeks until we can expect to see the face of our little girl! In May, we found out our second child was going to be a girl and I started scheming ideas for the girl nursery (see post here). I believe, after months of work, I am finished with the nursery– minus any little items I might find after this post to help decorate the room. Also, as for baby 2.0 projects, this should be one of the last posts on the subject until she arrives…should be, but might not be. (To see more posts about Baby 2.0 you can click here.)
This room is located in the front of our house and our largest bedroom. Like the rest of our house, it was a very dated 1978 room. Complete with the swag window treatments, plastic blinds, and dated ceiling fan. We have used this room as our guest room and basically our overall storage room. 
I really wanted to keep a queen bed in the room for me to crash in on those nights when she is having trouble sleeping. I had a bed in the room with Aiden and LOVED it! Also, my husband appreciates the quiet when he is trying to sleep and the less disruption of me getting in and out of bed. 
I went for a pink and green color scheme to the room and wanted to add in some trees to the design. This is what it looked like when you walk into the room before: 

This is now what the room looks like:

I painted wide stripes on one wall to create a little depth to the space and I painted the trees on the wall for some nice contrast to the pink. The trees look black, but they are really brown. The day I took the pictures it was just really hard to get the lighting right, so sorry the trees look black.

A view of the other side of the room.

And the after.

A closer look at the crib, rocker and other side of the room. You can see half a clock, which was a clearance hobby lobby find for $5! Also, you can see the super cute and easy lamp shades I recovered.

The rug was also found on clearance at Kmart, but can’t remember the price. I think $13 or something like that.

Here is the room looking at the front door of the room. This is a better view of the fan, which I would have loved to switch out! 
Here is the after. I really wanted to change out the fan in this room to a chandelier of some sort, but I made my husband a promise that anything done to this house would be paint only since we plan on building a new one in a few years. I did, however, update the scones to look less dated than the previous tulips.
The changing table and dresser area.

My awesome garage sale find of a $2 shelf that I repainted. (See blog DIY: The $2 Shelf Redo)

This is the before view of our closet. I hated these closet doors! There was no bottom track, so they smash your fingers very easily and slide off their top track which is super annoying to get back on. 

Here is the after view of the closet. I sewed the curtains and hung curtain tie-backs, which I re-purposed from the previous window treatments in the room. (They were gold and holding the swag curtains in the middle.)

I also installed a closet organizer to help keep the closet looking cleaner. The hamper actually belonged to a relative of my husbands and use to be cream colored. I spray painted it green to add some more green to the room.

I am obviously in love with my Super Easy Basket Tags. They are just another way to keep the closet organized. 
If you can’t tell….I have hit quite a few garage sales, so I think she is set on the clothes!!! 

Well that is the final nursery! Here is the before and after:

I am happy to have it finished and really liked the way it turned out! I think at some point in the future I will need to devise some sort of book storage in the room, but I have a few years for that…and maybe might have another house at that point too. We will see….

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